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Our partners that will be represented at MACH by Oil & Water Management

Oil & Water Management Stand 5777

Bespoke solutions giving you control

SAR LUBRICANTS - Automotive & industrial lubricant suppliers

MILACRON - Cimcool Fluid Technology, High quality metalworking lubricants, drawing and stamping fluids

CO.MAF.ER Briquetting presses

ABANAKI - Industrial oil skimmers

DENIOS - Storage and handling equipment

FILSTAR - Super-Centrifugal Separator

FREDDY - Industrial wet and Dry Vacuums

J. DURRANS - Forging lubricants, refractory coatings, metallurgical and petroleum cokes, friction products

KEM-SERV - Natural Cleaning Solutions

PERMA - Lubrication Solutions

SOLUTEX - Recycling systems and workshop equipment

TRIPLE R - Excellence in Oil Filtration

ISVE - Shredding equipment


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