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Poor coolant control can result in fines!

All fluids need managing, this is an area where Oil & Water Management excels.

We can offer advice from our experience, within this industry, giving the end user, a better working environment, lower manufacturing costs and reduced waste disposal.

Please see the following links referring to poor health surveillance that allowed three workers to develop debilitating lung conditions from exposure to metalworking fluid. A company has been fined £800,000 for the failings.

Oil & Water Management are ideally placed to assist in the prevention of these issues.

 Cutting Fluids & Lubricants

Oil & Water Management can supply a complete range of products from leading brand manufacturers

  • Oil & Water Managements personnel have worked within the Industry for over 50 years.
  • Provision of a one stop shop for customers who require a complete range of products to meet the demands of modern industry.
  • Full range of neat and water soluble fluids.
  • Bespoke formulations, and the sourcing of specialist grades.
  • Offering advice over the phone or visit site to survey, offering recommendations as to the grades most suited for your application.


Management Services

Fluid Management

  • Concentration, pH, biocide levels, dip slides, tramp oil
  • Full laboratory analysis
  • Predictive maintenance programmes

Fluid Handling

  • Procurement
  • Storage Equipment
  • Distribution Equipment

Waste Management

  • Segregation
  • Treatment


  • Reporting
  • Legislation


Specialised Equipment

  • Freddy Products specialises in the design and manufacture of innovative wet & dry Vacuums for all manufacturing sectors. Freddy are renowned for specialist equipment for recycling and inter-process filtration.
  • CO.MA.FER are manufacturers of metal briquetting machines. The advantages are reduced transportation costs of swarf from site and also the benefit of recovering of the coolants for reuse. Typical volume reductions 1-5/1-10 dependant on material processed.
  • Media Free Filtration and standard filtration.
  • Oil & Water Management have a range of specialised equipment that complements the fluid range.


Utilise our experience of over 50 years within the lubrication / engineering industry, contact us for our no obligation advice.

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