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Media Free Filtration

Oil & Water Management have for many years been involved with a number of aspects of media free filtration. We have recently had a considerable amount of success with the Filstar units

Filstar is a Super-Centrifugal Separator, that is more durable than the often problematic hydrocyclonic separators, hence as “Media free filtration” suggests uses no media or elements plus it has no moving parts. It operates by separating denser solid from any liquid up to 16 centistokes.  Each unit has the capabilities to remove 98% or more of the solids larger than 10 microns in a single pass.

Flow rates above 8 Lt/Min. are accommodated, it only requires power for the pump and, where fitted, for additional benefits, an automatic drain.

Filstar works as a polishing filter to complement the existing filtration systems, and has proved to be particularly successful in grinding operations. The majority of grinding systems use paper roll filtration with its limitation and /or magnetic filtration. One of the problems with these systems is that the paper roll either blocks too easily or lets smaller particles through and the magnetic filtration cannot remove none magnetic elements, e.g. grinding wheel particles.

Filstar can address the short falls of these systems and improve filtration.

Oil & Water Management offer companies “a best in class” approach to fluid supply as well as full lifecycle management with a range of environmental and waste minimisation equipment that offering true cost savings.

We also carry out routine testing that includes onsite management, inventory management, within our portfolio we have facilities for service and repair of the equipment supplied.

Please contact Oil & Water Management for a free no obligation site survey and move into the world of media free filtration.

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