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Forging Lubricants

Oil & Water Management   are the UK sales division of James Durrans & Sons Limited


The range of forging compounds that Oil & Water Management supply, are manufactured in the United Kingdom, by James Durrans & Sons.

Their Engineers and Chemists have a wide range of experience that covers Colloidal Dispersions for Lubrication, Metalworking, Die Casting and Conductivity as well as Synthetic Lubricants for the forging industry. With this level of expertise in mind, if product modifications are required to overcome any current manufacturing difficulties we are well placed to take this action.

We are in a position that if required we can react to supply quickly in emergency situations if they arise.

As a team we work very closely with our customers to achieve cost savings, through improved Die life, reduced usage due to more effective dilution rates, better application methods, forging pressure corrections and improved die filling which also contribute to reduced forging rejects.

Our graphite based products are also having success in Cold forging operations increasing die life.

The range of Glass Lubricants have been successful in improving heat retention and reducing the build-up of Scale.

To compliment this we offer companies “a best in class” approach and offer a full range of lubricants and industrial metalworking fluids that complement our associated process and waste minimization equipment. We also have the ability to carry out routine testing that includes onsite management, inventory management, facilities for service and repair of the equipment supplied.

Please contact Oil & Water Management for a free no obligation site survey, and we can work with you to improve your forging capabilities.




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